March 2, 2013

dbm CD cover

DBM Presents:

We made it by the skin of our teeth.  Big thanks to everyone who made this happen before the weekend.

Come out and see us at the record release party tonight in Denver.

We are at 1436 Tremont Pl, Denver, CO 80202 for more info.

And if you are in Oakland check out Primitive Science with their Duffman Underground tonight.    DBM crew members The Cenobites will be in the house.  Information for this should be here.

Mums the word on that, I guess if you don’t know ask somebody.



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NOVEMBER 3rd, 2012

Join us as we turn it the F@$k up!

Who did it???? ………”IT WASN’T US?”


940 Lincoln Street
Denver, CO 80203


SlayzerBASS fired by:
There once was a dreamy-eyed lass and only punk rock and hardcore could make her shake her ass. One day she was walking around the block when she heard a boombox play hip hop. She started dancing and yelling YAAAAY but fell over and landed in a pile of dancehall-reggae. Reggae covered her eyes and face when she meandered into a basement playing drum and bass. This music made her dance and shake her back until she thought she’d have a heart attack. Then an unknown mysteriously deep bass sound led her into a secret room where dubstep was abound. Deciding she’d already fallen in love with enough musics in this one day, she finally went home and had dreams of getting thizz faced and riding the whip with Mac Dre. Going stoopid doo-doo dumb on the stage with the likes of ___insert name dropping dopeness here____ Smasheltooth intends to integrate inner-city raps with privileged producer slaps and spread musical butter over rumps across the globe in the name of Furl! Yadadaholla?
In 2012, it is a rare thing for a young person to emulate such soul, but at 24 it feels like Taso has been around since much longer than having just coming to consciousness in the neon reflective, high-fade, gloss and glitter cradle of the 90’s in America. However, born in Massachusetts in 1988 and transplanted in California at 14, Taso and his music have a hypnotic joviality and exuberance that feel eerily beyond his years. There is jazz buried between the crevasses of his music, and his work resounds with a feeling of distinct street beat crossed with the substance of technical virtuosity. Birth name, Anastasios Ioannis Skalkos, young master Taso has spent the greater portion of his life crafting a musical identity from his unearthly passion for big bass and bringing people together to have a good time. His earliest musical influences are groups like The Wu and Biggie, but Taso also champions pioneers like Jimi Hendrix and King Tubby, as well as his affinity for old school hip hop and late 90s grind core. Much like the fortuitously eclectic decade that influenced his young brain, Taso’s music has a bit of all of these elements present in his musical soundscape. At times, his beats are trunk-busting, slow rhyme inducing, pop-and-lock, deep, West Cost breaks that have an element of dubstep. In a flash, Taso’s use of synths proves as razor sharp as any contender in the big bass alleyway of top ten lists across the EDM globe. With a college degree in audio, Skalkos is a veritable grenade of bass, highly enabled to manipulate patches from soothing and lullaby-like to chest-bursting, disemboweling, distorted, monster tones ready to claw your eyes out. In that way that you want. Badly. And know it.
A Bay Area Native DuBThuG is quickly making a name for himself in the music game , influenced by hip hop & gangster rap at a young age DuBThuG has combined this love with a new love Dubstep and has been rocking crowds across California & Black Rock City with Suck Free Sounds. DuBThuG has shared the stage with the best and the brightest producers and dj’s the scene has to offer such as Liquid Stranger & Bare just to name a few , as well as Rocking Crowds in BRC with Camp ? and Camp Home Base! DuBThuG has been creating Big wavs. in San Francisco with his Krew Sucka Free Soundsystem and their upcoming releases on LU10 , Mal label & Dubthugz record labels so watch out for DuBThug to be rocking the decks and captivating crowds from now till eternity!
If you reside in Northern California and frequent dubstep/bass music events, you almost certainly recognize the face behind the layers of wobbling bass, crunchy drums, and hypnotic melodies. An Oakland, CA resident, by way of Chicago, Johnny5 cut his teeth as an MC and hip-hop producer in both cities, sharing stages with the likes of independent legends Typical Cats as well as major acts including Raekwon and Devin the Dude.Upon moving to Oakland in 2005, Johnny5 began to take in the diverse, quickly evolving sounds pulsating throughout the Northern California music scene. Already having an extensive background in hip-hop, reggae, and electronic music, it was only natural that Johnny would embrace the dubstep genre and begin to cultivate his own sound, taking elements from each of these musical cultures. After a series of mixes that remained vastly unheard, the world began to take notice after his first official release, “Johnny 5 Alive.”In May of 2010 he co-founded San Francisco’s most popular dubstep weekly, “Ritual Dubstep,” every Thursday starting at Anu bar and now residing in the catacombs at Temple night club. This event unexpectedly blossomed from a small, intimate party, featuring mainly locals, into a massive nightclub production each week – but still true to the gritty and grimy sounds that made the party what it is. Ritual has been honored to host international dubstep stars such as Truth (New Zealand), Ajapai (Japan), and Wedge (UK), as well as Bay Area legends including Antiserum, Matty G, and DJG.Besides handling booking, promotion, and organization for Ritual, Johnny5 has kept busy by doing two Northwest tours (with Bay Area heavyweights Megalodon and Los Angeles DJ/producer Bodie), releasing several mixes (available at Johnny5Dubstep), and polishing up his production, both as a solo artist and as a member of the duo Splatterface (alongside Chris “Audiobomb” Rice).With an arsenal of forthcoming original tunes, a vast collection of rare and exclusive tracks, and uncanny ability to read a crowd’s mood, Johnny5 continues to spread his unique blend of filthy bass music styles to dance floors and festivals around the West Coast and worldwide! If you are interested in booking Johnny5 at your club, party, or festival, please contact David Winans at
Filth Factory/Basscouch/DBM
((Diverse)) was first sucked into the rave scene in the early 90′s, and soon found himself wanting to immerse himself more into the culture. By the mid 90′s he was Djing show’s and helping friends throw events. Soon after that, he wanted to take things further and started buying production gear and learned how to craft beats. Although he has played most genres over the years his tastes have tended to be Bass heavy, psychadelic, techy, and wonky. These day’s he is focusing mainly on Dubstep, DnB, Drumstep, and Techno, with a spash of glitch hop. He curently runs Filth Factory Records With over 70 song’s released on it and various other labels.
Coult 45
SUB.Mission/Whomp Truck

Coming up in the fourth biggest market for dubstep in the world, Coult-45 has been working hard since 2005 to make a name for himself in Denver, Colorado and across the US. Coult-45 is one of the widely recognized bass music DJ’s in Colorado and has been known to rock a party, throwing down the newest and hottest dubstep, drum and bass, glitch, and other mid-tempo genres of bass music. Currently, up for ‘Denver’s Best Dubstep DJ’ award for 2012, his dedication and participation in the scene definitely does not go without notice. Since starting to DJ in 2005 he has gained residency at Beta Nightclub, the number one club in North America, Sub.Mission Dubstep, an internationally recognized collective that brought the sounds of Dubstep to Colorado and boasts multiple awards, and Whomp Truck, another Denver crew that is known for community involvement and engagement and also winner of ‘Denver’s Best Monthly Party’. Coult-45’s rap sheet is a testament to his wide recognition and ability to engage his audience with some of the newest, hardest hitting tracks. Coult-45 has graced the stages of Powellapalooza, Desert Rocks Festival, Ultra’s Official After Party, DEMF, Global Dance Festival, & Sonic Bloom. A huge portion of his fan base was built through being an eight year Burning Man veteran. Having supported big acts such as Datsik, Zeds Dead, Joker, SPL, 12th Planet, Jakes, Supreme, Netsky, High Contrast, Bare, Flux Pavillion & Doctor P, Cookie Monsta, Helicopter Showdown, DZ, & many more, you can be sure that Coult-45 will always bring the right energy at the right time to get everyone on the same page to create a truly memorable experience.

DBM/BASScouch/Filth Factory/Spools of Dark Thread

Recently opening for Sid Wilson aka Dj Starscream from Slipknot…. PushRESET/theCROWn is no joke…this live 2 piece duo is taking over the wild west with experiance and passion…theCROWn, drummer for his 4 piece death metal band, Spools of Dark Thread, has had the pleasure of drill’n it on the Warp Tour and basically being a rockstar…his recent collaboration w/PushRESET has already gaine recognition from local DENVER audiophiles and is the EPITOMY of DungeonBASS…nuff said… come witness the fitness, u’ll be pleasantly suprised!

PushRESET has been involved in the Electronica scene since the early nineties. At the early of 18, he began Immortal Productions booking the likes of D-Luv, DRC, Astral Matrix, Kelly Reverb, Scott Richmond other pioneers of our Dance Culture. In 1999 he moved to Portland, Oregon founding The Ill Function Committee. There, Push immersed himself deep into the NWTekno vibe soon hosting the likes Craze, Stakka & Skynet, Dara, DB, Dieselboy w/MC Armani, HeavyweightDubChamps, Dave Aude, Micro, Kazell, and Danny P. along with a slew of local talent. Promoting was just the beginning as spinning records soon began to overtake him. His obsession rapidly grew into what it is today…DungeonBassMinistry… Since then he has been in San Francisco drilling Underground/Club parties along with Outdoor Festivals such as The Love Parade, The How Weird Festival, Sanctuary and Earthdance. His love for ALL Bass Music has landed him in a unique position allowing him to enjoy all sounds of the scene spinning Drum & BASS, ScissorBASS, MNML, Breaks/Electro, and Tekno with San Francisco’s top DJ’s and crews. Push didn’t stop there as he began booking Denver talent like Seied, Jantsen, HDC w/ Sacha Rose for Camp ?/Irie Cartel via Emissions. Push soon realized that uniting the 303 and the 415 was in his cards…He began running DBM in SF and Colorado quickly becoming a household DJ name in both states. Push is now in Colorado managing FILTH FACTORY records and studying Production under his favorite peers… With 19 years in the scene and 13 years behind the decks, PushRESET comes heavily educated and widely diversed with a huge bag of Beatz…”Im hella Floorbanger Friendly!!! and remember “DONT FAKE THE BASS”….Keep it Underone:DBM!”


dungeonBASSminstry/ 40 hertz of sound

Spinaughty & The Spininjas

this is just a warning!

You in the JUNGLE Baby…

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This Saturday, August 25th, DungeonBassMinistry in association with Luciferous Entertainment is proud to present the official after party for Jungle Invasion’s DB and Danny the Wild Child – featuring M.I.A. DnB and The American Jungle.

We have a special guest DJ who will be joining us, but in order to find out who it is – and we promise you won’t be disappointed – you MUST get your bass addicted body to 1919 Gallery, located at 1436 Tremont AFTER you’ve attended the festivities for Jungle Invasion at City Hall the same evening.

The after party starts at 11:30pm and goes til 6am, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy both events and get your DnB fix ALL NIGHT LONG!

The line-up is sick, the music will be even sicker, and the bass is going to bump ’til the sun comes up! If you’re not familiar with some of the talent that will be reppin’ DnB hard this weekend, GET FAMILIAR by clicking on the links which we’ve conveniently hyperlinked to each artist’s name in red for your music researching pleasure (they will whisk you away to a magical place called Soundcloud!)…See you there, BASSHEADZ! UNDERONE, REPRESENT!

This saturday it’s time to get down on the decks and pray…Bass Evangelists Include:

M1D1– (Chicago) Combat Records USA
Dj/Producer, co-founder MIA dnb collective, owner Combat Records USA.

X1LE -formerly DJX (M.I.A. Chicago)

Sadistik Circus CEO, Combat Records,  M.I.A. Studios – Partner

SINISTARR (Detroit, Michigan/Denver, Colorado)
Metalheadz • Renegade Hardware • CIA • Hit And Hope • Exchange Bureau

With support from local favorites:

Axel Madden (RECON)

Philliez (RECON)




ONKET (The American Jungle)

PHENETIC (The American Jungle)

w/ The X-Tra Stamina Emcee (DBM- S.O.B.- 40 Hertz of Sound)l

The American Jungle-a Lesson Learned Productions
Jeremy Ballard – Producer / Director of Photography
Josh Freeman – Producer / Director

Let’s Make it WORK!

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For those of you are looking for a bangin’ good time this Friday night (and if you happen to live in the San Francisco Bay area), be sure to head to Lounge 3411 in Oakland to support the official EP release party for one of DBM’s own – The Cenobites’.

The album, entitled WORK, is being released under our BADASS record label, courtesy of our our resident DnB mixologist/producer ((Diverse))Filth Factory Records. Big ups to the Cenobites, who’ve been holding down the DBM Northwest collective for a grip and are going to bring the ruckus tomorrow night as they delight DnB worshipers with their shiny new tunes.

For more details on the event, please visit the Facebook page here. We’d like to thank our friends at Primitive Science for taking the time to put this event together in the name of EDM, DnB, the artists themselves, and the basshead community as a whole. It’s the joining of forces amongst the children of the underground which will bring our purpose to the surface to spread the word of bass worship throughout the masses.

Let’s WORK mother fuckers! Party starts at 9pm and bumps til 2AM – UNDERONE!!!

dungeonbassministry, dbm, bass music, dbm denverWe’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who came out to our last event, the BIG Easy. It was a HUGE success to say the least. DJ’s from Denver’s best DnB collectives DungeonBassMinistry and Recon collaborated to create an evening of bass music that bumped HARD well into the wee hours of the morning. BIG UPS to Versatile Styles, Alex (Axel) Madden, Philliez, Don’t Fake the Bass (D.F.T.B.), ((Diverse)), Skitzone, and MC Xtra Stamina for bringing each of their unique styles to the table for the EDM community to enjoy. We’re honored to have you all in our crew and look forward to bringing more great bass music and good times to the people with you in the months ahead.

We’d also like to thank the people at 1919 Gallery for giving us a sick ass, homie-approved venue to drill until 6am…we’ve recently made arrangements with them to do on-going BI-MONTHLY events there, so stay tuned for future opportunities to come kick it with the DBM fam.

Our last thanks goes out to our current and future fans and the EDM community as a whole. We cannot and would not do this without each and every one of you. There’s nothing better than throwing an event together in a short time and seeing a turn out as thick as the one we saw this past Saturday. For that we are forever grateful, and we will continue to bring it to you DBM style until we physically cannot spin records anymore.

Again, we’ve secured 1919 Gallery as a regular bi-monthly venue, so if you’re looking for a sick after hours spot…this is the place to be. We’ll be updating our events page shortly with information for our next bass meditation gathering, taking place on Saturday, July 28th. For more information on DBM, it’s DJ’s, and upcoming events, you can also check out our FB page at Stay chuuuuuned bass heads, and keep it real! UNDERONE!


Push’s latest addition to SoundCloud…check out this sweet trance mix. Gotta break it up every once in a while, ya know?

PushReset performs a ritual bass healing at an after party…get down on your decks and pray…

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